4 Fun Projects to Do With Your Kids

One of the best ways to bond as a family is to complete fun projects at home with your kids. For example, you may want to create a new project every weekend, that your kids will look forward to making, all week long. To discover a few fun projects to complete at home with your kids, simply continue reading.

Create art that incorporates your kids’ handprints or footprints:

It’s a great idea to get your kids to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art, by getting your kids to paint their hands or feet in non-toxic paint which they can stamp onto cardboard pieces of paper. Which you’ll be able to frame and display on the wall. Just be sure to write the date and each kid’s name next to their handprint or footprint, so you’ll be able to tell which child produced which piece of art. You may even want to repeat this project, every few years to see how your kids have grown over time. Alternatively, you can purchase plaster DIY handprint kits, which you can use instead.

Teach your kids how to make an iconic family recipe:

It’s a great idea to teach your kids how to cook at a young age, to teach them a valuable life skill that will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives. One way to make cooking as a family fun is to teach your kids how to make an iconic family recipe, which has been handed down from generation to generation.

Create a LEGO version of your home:

If you enjoyed playing with LEGO sets as a kid, it’s a fun idea to purchase enough lego sets and bricks in order to build a LEGO version of your home, as a family. You can even try to recreate your garden out of LEGO bricks too. Alternatively, you may want to have a go and building your dream family home together instead. Ensure to purchase a few LEGO mini-figures that resemble each member of your family, to place inside your LEGO home.

Create a paper mache animal:

To create a paper mache animal, you’ll need to cover a blown-up balloon with a special paste and layers of newspaper which need to be applied to your balloon in small thin strips. Your kids will enjoy getting to glue your newspaper strips onto your balloon. You’ll need to leave your paper mache balloon for a few days to harden. After which point in time you’ll be able to paint it and to add eyes, a mouth, ears, and a tail to your paper mache animal. Some examples of paper mache animals that are easy to make include pigs, frogs, monkeys, and dogs. Although your options are endless.

So if you want to start completing fun family-friendly projects with your kids on your weekends, it’s well worth picking your favorite project which is listed above in order to get started! Especially if your kids love DIY projects.

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